About Free From Fibroids Foundation

Free From Fibroids Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. This organization is dedicated to help eradicate the healthcare disparity that exists with the treatment of women that suffer with uterine fibroids.

We want to:

  • Support and empower women with symptomatic fibroids that have been ignored, dismissed, or have been told that surgery was their only option for treatment.
  • Be the voice for women suffering with fibroids that want physicians that will listen to their desire to keep their womb and provide them support and information on nonsurgical alternatives to treating their fibroids.
  • Provide unbiased medical information regarding uterine fibroids from diagnosis to treatment.
  • Promote educational awareness and community events centered on nonsurgical alternatives to hysterectomy.
  • Support clinical research to understand the origin of fibroids, the nonsurgical alternatives for treating them, and to one day cure fibroids.