Nonprofit ‘Free From Fibroids’ Launches New Coalition to Educate Women About Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Free From Fibroids is a new political action group of high-profile advocates ensuring that policymakers understand the importance of research into non-surgical treatment options for uterine fibroids. Learn why they’re taking up the cause.

Non-profit organization Free From Fibroids Foundation, whose mission is to support women living with fibroids and educate them about all available treatment options, particularly non-surgical ones, has launched The Fibroid Coalition, a political advocacy branch, to more vigorously support legislators and bills that further Free From Fibroids’ mission.

Available Options, Inadequate Education

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that impact the lives of nearly two-thirds of women by the age of 50. Fibroids are the primary reason for hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus), and hysterectomy has become the second most common surgery performed in the U.S. Research shows that most women suffering from symptomatic fibroids are only offered surgical treatment options.

Informing women of safe, effective, non-surgical options such as hormone therapy, uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), and MRI-guided focused ultrasound is Free From Fibroids’ primary goal, and the new coalition’s job is to ensure that legislators are aware of the need for both mass education and research efforts.

A Powerhouse Coalition

One coalition member is former basketball star and four-time Olympic Gold medalist Teresa Edwards. Edwards suffered with fibroids and underwent the outpatient UFE procedure, which relieved her symptoms, enabled her to keep her uterus, and helped her avoid the risks and long recovery associated with major surgery. “Living with fibroids is hard enough for anyone, but doing it as an athlete feels impossible on some days,” Edwards said. “It was exhausting, and used to impact nearly all aspects of my life and my family’s life…It’s why I’m here to support this movement, because women with fibroids need to know there are options out there.”

Cynthia Bailey, an actress on Real Housewives of Atlanta and CEO of the Bailey Agency School of Fashion, is another enthusiastic coalition member. “There were many times in my life when I knew I needed to get my fibroid situation under control,” she said. “I became anemic; I was always fatigued; I think I had every symptom of fibroids out there at one point or another. It got to the point where I couldn’t really work. The non-surgical uterine fibroid embolization changed my life. I feel like the light came back on inside me. I am here to encourage everyone dealing with fibroids to do something about it.”

A Passionate Commitment

Dr. John C. Lipman, MD, FSIR, is the founder of Free From Fibroids, and president & CEO of the Atlanta Fibroid Center, which specializes in the nonsurgical treatment of uterine fibroids. Lipman is proud of the passionate, committed medical professionals, athletes, entertainers, and other ambassadors who have gathered to inform and empower women on their fibroid journeys, and is excited about what they can accomplish.“Our coalition,” he stated, “will challenge the outdated orthodoxy of the medical establishment that has systematically promoted life-altering hysterectomies over other proven effective, non-surgical treatment options.”

Having personally benefited from non-surgical fibroid treatments, Edwards and Bailey are eager to raise awareness and help other women like themselves become strong self-advocates when “There is a system of support and…you can live a normal life,” Edwards said. Added Bailey, “Women everywhere deserve to get their ‘happy’ back.”

Source: Nonprofit ‘Free From Fibroids’ Launches New Coalition to Educate Women About Non-Surgical Treatment Options published on on 13th of August 2021.

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