CMS Cut Will Result In Unnecessary Hysterectomies

Fibroid Coalition Says CMS Cut Will Result In Unnecessary Hysterectomies

21% cut will restrict access to UFE for Fibroid patients.

ATLANTA, GA — Today, the Fibroid Coalition responded to yesterday’s CMS announcement that will impose a 21% cut to the Physician Fee Schedule. The drastic cut will adversely affect radiologists who perform UFE and the women they treat for fibroids because the end result is outpatient centers being forced to close their doors.

The Fibroid Coalition believes that this round of cuts will undermine the Biden Administration’s attempts to close the racial equity gap that exists in healthcare and will reduce options for women suffering from fibroids, leaving them with no choice but to get a hysterectomy.

Since fibroids disproportionately affect women of color, this will add to a growing list of health disparities in an already underserved population. Furthermore, the closing of out-patient centers will lead to greater disparity and decreased care to minority communities.

Dr. John Lipman, the founder of the Fibroid Coalition, said, “The 21% cut was not necessary and will undermine the quality of care for patients. Budget neutrality has a place in federal spending policy but this isn’t it. Sadly, it means that more women are likely to receive an unnecessary hysterectomy. This decision will increase costs for our health care system and cut off access to a non-surgical treatment option for women suffering from fibroids. Congress must act immediately to reverse these cuts and support women suffering from fibroids.”

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